Colorful Sensory Stretch Toys


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Colorful Sensory Stretch Toys

The perfect toy for sensory and tactile stimulation, those in need of a fidget toy or tactile sensory toy; You can stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze them in any shape. These sensory toys are perfect for those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or for high anxiety, promoting a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety and can increase focus and attention.


- Color: Rosy, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple.
- Material: TPR.
- Size: 25.5 x 3 x 1 cm.
- High Quality And Safety. It is made from non-toxic, non-allergenic materials and is safe for children, kids can be play it freely.
- Great Sensory Toys. Elastic and easy to stretch to 9 feet. You can stretch it at will, squeeze it, bend it, it can still be in good shape.
- Perfect Toys To Relieve Anxiety And Stress. Very applicable to ADD/ADHD, high pressure, anxiety disorders and restless people.
- Multi Color:  These stretchy string comes 6 neon colors: rosy, orange, blue, green, yellow and purple.(3pcs per color).

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